Status Updates:

Who is Sore Eyes RP?

First, let me welcome you to the Sore Eyes RP (SERP) website. My name is Kangy and I am the Owner and Founder of SERP. I am from Australia and spend most of my time gaming and coding my FiveM GTA V server.

SERP is a whitelisted 18+ community. We currently have the following departments: San Andreas State Troopers (SAST), San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR), Rebel Towing (RT), San Andreas Dispatch (SAD), and the best civilians in the state, with many more departments launching when our community grows.

SERP as a community has just a few basic rules. We know a lot of servers only allow you to be a part of one server. We do not believe in this and let our community be a part of whatever communities they wish. All we ask is that you still spend time within your community at SERP as well.

At Sore Eyes RP we like to base our roleplays on real-life situations. Examples (but not limited to): traffic stops, robberies, police chases, shootings (within our guidelines) etc. We are a community that gets together to play FiveM GTA V and have a fun time along the way. We use plain English speak for all our roleplays and within the community itself.

If you want to join our community the first thing you need to do is click on the Discord link above and then fill in the whitelist application. From there you can apply to join any other department or positions we have open within our Application Portal.

I appreciate your interest in SERP and I hope to see you on our server soon.


How do I become whitelisted and join your server?

You need to join our Discord server. Once there you need to agree to our server and community rules. Then you apply for your whitelist role. After this, you can join the Sore Eyes RP server.

If you also want to apply to join a department you use the same link as your whitelist role and apply for the department you wish to join. If you need assistance you can submit a support ticket within our Discord Support channels.