Status Updates:

Our Aim:

Sore Eyes RP is a new server for people to come and play FiveM roleplay. You can join departments (such as State Police, Fire, EMS) with limited experience and be trained. The aim for Sore Eyes RP is to be a place that beginners can join and learn to FiveM roleplay without fear of messing up and being kicked and banned (unless it is against of rules).

We don’t want our departments learning a bunch of 10 Codes they will never remember. So we use a couple and the rest is plain radio speak.

Sore Eyes RP main aim from the start is a fun, but active roleplay community for everyone, no matter of roleplay experience. We are here to help and teach people and have fun along the way in doing so.

Basically, the plan is for a simple run, easy going server but still doing IRL based roleplays in a professional manner.